Meet the Founder

Who are you?

I’m Vic Johnson and I live in Bath, UK with my family and cockapoo Walter.

Why did you start Green Jay?

Professionally, I started Green Jay nearly 5 years ago because I wanted to help start up and scale up founders to unlock the potential in themselves and their teams because a team with unlocked potential is more likely to smash their targets/goals.

Personally, I wanted to develop a career that would give me the balance between flexibility and professional achievement, and I love that Green Jay allows me to achieve my professional goals alongside my personal commitments.

What is your background?

I’m an Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) qualified Leadership Coach and accredited as a Senior Practitioner with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) working work with Founders, Directors and C-Suite who are looking to focus attention on enhancing their current skill set.

I’ve worked in HR/People Profession for nearly 20 years and I’m a Chartered Fellow with the CIPD predominately supporting organisations with their strategic People and Culture including leadership/management training, performance management, succession planning, reward and recognition and skill development programmes.

What type of clients do you work with?

Due to fact that I work predominately with creative, technology, engineering and science start-ups and scale ups, it’s not unusual to have a leadership team in place who have limited commercial experience and one day have a great idea and the next day they’re running a business.  

This unusual route to leadership means that they may have skipped a lot of the on-the-job leadership skill development that you naturally gain if you progress up to a leadership role in a corporate organisation. To suddenly have the responsibility of a business and feel as though you have your own skill gaps is (understandably) scary, so I act as a cheerleader to these people and help them to identify and achieve their leadership goals.  

I get a kick out of working with driven, spirited, purposeful and progressive leaders to help them to believe and harness their own high potential.

What is your approach?

I understand that as a leader it’s easy to feel isolated as you focus on the development of the team with the consequence of this being that it’s easy to neglect your own development. My approach is to place the client at the centre of the conversation. My role is to act as a sounding board, to offer a 360 view to ensure that blind spots are exposed and explored and to act a cheerleader to increase confidence.

To act in service of my clients doesn’t mean that I shy away from difficult conversations. Due to their elevated role in an organisation, it can be hard for leaders to get a true sense of their development areas, so I work with people to understand their appetite for challenge and use this agreed challenge to deliver a fresh perspective. After all, we all have development areas and only once we know what they are can we start the work to improve ourselves.  

Finally, what one piece of advice do you wish you’d listened to when you started Green Jay?  

Always be yourself and don’t compromise your values. If you follow your instincts and you are authentic then you’ll attract like-minded people, and this will bring joy and fun!