How can leadership coaching help me?

I speak to lots of founders and leaders who have challenges within their organisation that they are struggling to overcome. They often point to coaching as one way that they could explore these challenges and although they’ve all got an idea about what leadership coaching might be, they aren’t so sure what it means to be coached.

Here’s what you can and should expect if you choose to engage with a leadership coach.

What reasons do people engage a leadership coach?

Everyone is different but most people engage a coach for one of these reasons:

· They want a confidential sounding board to talk through their leadership decisions

· They need to identify why they are struggling with a particular aspect of their leadership role

· They are preparing themselves for the next chapter of their career

· They want help defining goals and having someone who will hold them to account for those goals in a supportive way

· They are struggling with conflict and want to develop some techniques to help them to manage that conflict

· They want to understand how their beliefs might be holding them back from realising their true potential

· They want to develop a better understanding of their values system to help with decision making

What won’t a leadership coach do?

A coach is usually different to a mentor. A mentor is someone who has walked in your shoes and can give you the benefit of their wisdom.

A coach can be from a very different background as you as they won’t be giving you the answers.

The reason that a good coaching relationship can be truly transformational is that your coach will work with you to help you to reach the outcomes and use your own awareness to maximise your personal or professional performance.

What will be covered in a coaching session?


All coaches differ but my approach is to provide a safe, non-judgemental and relaxed space in which you can explore your ideas, any challenges or barriers that you are facing and help you to consider what outcomes are available to you to overcome these challenges or barriers.

We will work together to explore your values, beliefs, mindsets and goals to enable you to work towards your personal and professional ambitions in a safe and supportive space.

Group Sessions

Group sessions will usually comprise of 4-6 people who are working at a similar level and meet regularly to explore themes common to the group.

As a coach facilitator, my role would be to encourage group members to find their own answers to problems that they bring using the help and insight from other members. Group sessions can be very powerful as the group come together to use their combined skills, experience and knowledge to problem solve.

How can I get support from ‘Green Jay Talent | Coaching’?

If you’d like to explore how 121 or group coaching might help you to unlock the potential in your organisation, then please click here to arrange a 30min zoom call with Vic to discuss further.

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