Vic is an experienced coach and consultant who works primarily with start up and scale up exec & senior teams within tech, science, engineering and fintech organisations to enhance their potential. 

Vic uses the insight gained through 18 years of People, Culture, HR and Training experience to to enable her clients to achieve their coaching goals. 

Vic creates a safe, relaxed and non-judgemental space for coaching; offering space to think and a sounding board to test out new ideas. 

Each session is underpinned by well-formed goals to ensure a measurable outcome and explore values, beliefs, mindsets and other tools to identify and break-down barriers to goal success. 

Vic places great emphasis on developing a strong rapport with her clients to enable her to challenge them effectively and for them to be accountable for the goals that they set themselves. 

Vic combines the the tools and techniques gained from her ILM Level 7 Diploma For Executive and Senior Level Coaches and Mentors training to enable her support her clients to identify and work towards their goals, to stretch to their full potential and to do so in a fun and engaging way.