I'm Vic Johnson.

I’m Vic Johnson. I’m an ILM Level 7 trained Leadership Coach, a Chartered member of the CIPD, a qualified change manager and have nearly 20 years of people/talent management experience.

In my career, I’ve worked with early stage startups through to global firms across a range of industries from financial services to engineering and tech and the third-sector and despite the differences between organisations the ones that proactively invest their teams, treat their people like human beings rather than human resources and understand the value of a people-driven culture are truly special places to lead and work.

my Story

I started Green Jay in 2018 to help me to balance work and family life and I knew from day 1 that I wanted to work with startups and organisations that were looking to scale and grow as I’m motivated by helping people and businesses to succeed in fast-paced, ever changing environments.

I predominately work with tech, engineering and science start ups and scale ups in the South West and have developed a sound understanding of the demands and pressures that leaders within that ecosystem face in establishing and securing their business.

I love supporting business leaders to identify how their people, culture, values, systems, skills, knowledge, preferences and approach all come together (and what might be missing) to maximise all of the interconnecting parts and unleash the potential within themselves and their teams.

My values & beliefs



if you can trust and respect people for who they are then you’ll create a place where people want to be and where they thrive



Work doesn’t have to be hard work, it can and should be positive experience



Adopting a continuous development culture encourages innovation



Being open and honest about your aims and aspirations means that others can share in the journey



Life comes with busy and quiet times, ups and downs and fast and slow periods and we need this balance to help us to grow and adapt