Leadership Coaching

Everyone is different but most people engage a coach for one of these reasons:

  • Decision Making – They want a confidential sounding board to talk through their leadership decisions
  • Skills Gaps – They need to identify why they are struggling with a particular aspect of their leadership role
  • Career Change – They are preparing themselves for the next chapter of their career
  • Goal Attainment – They want help defining goals and having someone who will hold them to account for those goals in a supportive way
  • Conflict Resolution – They are struggling with conflict and want to develop some techniques to help them to manage that conflict
  • Beliefs Work – They want to understand how their beliefs might be holding them back from realising their true potential
  • Values – They want to develop a better understanding of their values system to help with decision making

How it works

I provide a safe, non-judgemental and relaxed space in which you can explore your ideas, any challenges or barriers that you are facing and help you to consider what outcomes are available to you to overcome these challenges or barriers. We will work together to explore your values, beliefs, mindsets and goals to enable you to work towards your personal and professional ambitions in a safe and supportive space. I’ll be your champion to help you to maximise your potential in a way that is true to you. The Leadership Coaching package includes:

What is the cost?

Prices start from £3600 for the leadership coaching package.